Frasgird dashboard / coding update

As mentioned, I have started doing some coding in order to prototype the actual game design and underlying models of Frasgird. I’m going this in NetBeans (and writing in Java). Here’s what the dashboard looks like as of this afternoon (you can click on it for a clearer, larger view):


The colony map is the area on the right. This current prototype assumes a full core ring (the four squares in the middle with a gray background), one “open” ring (the white squares), and a concentric set of unavailable (as of yet) rings (blue squares). For the core ring, H = colony headquarters, F = landing field, W = warehouse, and H = housing.

Right now, I have several directions in which I am likely to go (all of which would be at the simple prototype level):

  • Implement game turn processing for the colony.
  • Create a game-universe browser and start modeling systems, planets, cities, etc.
  • Start some form of trading/economics model.
  • Flesh out the selection of plot developments and allow adding new developments to the colony.

Stay tuned.   ..bruce..


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Webster has been doing game design since 1980, but only has one actual published game to his credit -- Sundog: Frozen Legacy (Apple II, 1984; Atari ST, 1985). This is his second.

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