Rough consensus and running code

This was the motto for the Internet Engineering Task Force efforts back in the 1990s, seeking to define the various emerging Internet standards. It was stated as a rejection of “kings, presidents, and voting” in defining those standards.

While the phrase was coined in a setting of open-source group standard development, I want to repurpose it for Frasgird development. One of the lessons I learned during the Sundog development effort was that ideas or approaches that I thought clever in theory turned out to be underwhelming or downright wrong in actual implementation. I’m sure the same thing will happen with Frisgard — some of the ideas already put down here on this website may not actually work as an entertaining, playable game. So part of my goal here is to start writing small modules of code, implementing these ideas in a harness that lets me see how the game design itself plays out.

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Webster has been doing game design since 1980, but only has one actual published game to his credit -- Sundog: Frozen Legacy (Apple II, 1984; Atari ST, 1985). This is his second.

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